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Table 1 Composition ratio of ingredients used in different tooth paste formulations

From: Extraction of bioactive compounds from Psidium guajava and their application in dentistry

IngredientsPropertyF1 (%)F2 (%)F3 (%)
Acacia arabica gum powderBinder1512.510
Sea saltAbrasiveness107.55
Guava leaf powderAnti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-microbial, abrasiveness, preservation101520
Stevia herb extract powderSweeter1512.510
Coconut oilReduces plaque built up, prevent tooth decay, fight gum diseases, essential oil, humectant activity555
Pepper mint oilFlavouring agent, reduces plaque built up, improves salivary buffer capacity, decreases salivary S. mutant count57.510
Distilled waterSolvent404040