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Table 1 Examples of studies comprising inoculation of various plant species with specific bacterial strains resulting in increased grain yield

From: Microbial inoculants: reviewing the past, discussing the present and previewing an outstanding future for the use of beneficial bacteria in agriculture

CropMicroorganismStrainsIncrease in grain yield compared with the non-inoculated control (%)References
SoybeanBradyrhizobium japonicum4.5Hungria et al. (2001)
B. japonicumSEMIA 5079 and SEMIA 50808.4Hungria et al. (2013)
B. japonicum532 C and USDA 11012–19Ulzen et al. (2016)
B. japonicum1.6–6.3Leggett et al. (2017)
Common beansRhizobium tropiciSEMIA 4080 (= PRF 81)31.6–36Hungria et al. (2000b)
R. tropiciSEMIA 40808.3Hungria et al. (2013)
R. tropiciCPAO 12.5 L266Mercante et al. (2017)
Rhizobium leguminosarum sv. phaseoliHB-42948Samago et al. (2018)
CowpeaB. japonicumBR 326738.1Ulzen et al. (2016)
Bradyrhizobium liaoningenseVIBA-154.8Padilla et al. (2016)
Bradyrhizobium yuanmingenseVIBA-238.3Padilla et al. (2016)
Faba beansR. leguminosarum sv. viciaeNGB-FR 12646.8–81.4Youseif et al. (2017)
R. leguminosarum sv. vicieaeNSFBR-30 and HUFBR-155–75Argawa and Mnalku (2017)
MaizeAzospirillum brasilenseAb-V5 and Ab-V627Hungria et al. (2010)
A. brasilenseAb-V529Ferreira et al. (2013)
A. brasilenseAb-V5 and Ab-V614.3Galindo et al. (2019)
 Pseudomonas fluorescens29–31Sandini et al. (2019)
WheatBacillus polymyxaBp 431713.6–19.5Rodriguez-Caceres et al. (1996b)
A. brasilenseSp24614.7Ozturk et al. (2003)
A. brasilenseAb-V5 and Ab-V631Hungria et al. (2010)
A. brasilense18Karimi et al. (2018)
RiceBurkholderia vietnamiensisTVV7522Tran et al. (2000)
B. vietnamiensisMGK312.1Govindarajan et al. (2007)
TomatoA. brasilenseSp-711Alfonso et al. (2005)
P. fluorescensSS557Ahirwar et al. (2015)
 SoybeanA. brasilense and B. japonicumAb-V5 and Ab-V6; SEMIA 5079 and SEMIA 508014.1Hungria et al. (2013)
A. brasilense* and B. japonicum*Ab-V5 and Ab-V6; SEMIA 5019 and SEMIA 507981.9Ferri et al. (2017)
 Common beansA. brasilense* and R. tropiciAb-V5 and Ab-V6; SEMIA 408019.6Hungria et al. (2013)
 WheatSerratia marcescens, Microbacterium arborescens, and Enterobacter sp.24Kumar et al. (2017)
 RiceKlebsiella pneumoniae, P. fluorescens, and Citrobacter freundii4P, 1N and 3C17.5Nguyen et al. (2003)
P. fluorescens, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus amyloliquafaciens and Candida tropicalis1N, B9, E19 and HY26.7Nguyen (2008)
A. brasilense and P. fluorescens20.2de Salamone et al. (2012)
  1. All experiments were carried out under field conditions with seed inoculation, except those marked (*), which inoculation occurred in-furrow. Yield increase varied between studies because of specific cropping conditions such as soil composition, temperature, site and environmental conditions