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Table 2 Physicochemical and functional properties of MLP15

From: Recombinant polypeptide of Mycobacterium leprae as a potential tool for serological detection of leprosy

Physicochemical property 
Number of amino acids189
Molecular weight (Da)17,310
Theoretical pI10.5
Total of negatively charged residues (Asp + Glu)7
Total of positively charged residues (Arg + Lys)9
Extinction coefficient5500
Abs. 0.1% (= 1 g/L)0.318
Grand average of hydropathicity0.709
Subcellular localization (psortb)Cytoplasmic membrane
Subcellular localization (cello)Extracellular
Subcellular localization (Gneg-mPLoc)Cytoplasm
Peptide signal (SignalP)No
Prediction of protective antigen (VaxiJen)Probable antigen