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Fig. 6

From: Bifidogenic and butyrogenic effects of young barely leaf extract in an in vitro human colonic microbiota model

Fig. 6

Free amino acid levels in the culture supernatants. A heatmap of the average concentrations of free amino acids in the culture supernatants of KUHIMM samples without 1.5% YBL (designated as CUL) or with 1.5% YBL (designated as YBL) is shown. Hydrophilic amino acids: Arg arginine, His histidine, Lys lysine, Asp aspartate, Glu glutamate, Asn asparagine, Gln glutamine, Ser serine, Thr threonine. Hydrophobic amino acids: Ala alanine, Gly glycine, Ile isoleucine, Leu leucine, Val valine, Phe phenylalanine, Trp tryptophan, Tyr tyrosine, Met methionine, Pro proline. *p < 0.05, n = 9, paired t-test

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