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Fig. 3

From: Bifidogenic and butyrogenic effects of young barely leaf extract in an in vitro human colonic microbiota model

Fig. 3

Genus-level compositional views of bacteria. The compositional views of the original fecal samples (designated as FEC), KUHIMM cultures without 1.5% YBL (CUL), and KUHIMM cultures with 1.5% YBL (YBL) after 48 h of fermentation are shown. Fecal samples were obtained from nine healthy subjects (HS-1–HS-9) and each sample was used as the inoculum to construct the corresponding KUHIMM. Genera with low abundance (< 1.0%) and low similarity (< 97%) were included in the “Others” and “Unclassified bacteria” categories, respectively

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