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Fig. 3

From: An exploration of the rapid transformation method for Dunaliella salina system

Fig. 3

ad Denoted the effects of salt gradient, time, concentration of Triton X-100 and EB on the number of transformants, respectively. a The number of transformants increased significantly along with the decrease of salt concentration. When the salt concentration was less than 0.1 M, the number of transformants decreased significantly with the highest value. b The number of transformants increased noticeably with the extension of transformation time. Following the further extension of time, the number of transformants did not increase correspondingly. c The increasing of transformants was associated with the Triton X-100 concentration in a dose-dependent manner. When concentration of Triton X-100 was over than 3.75%, the number of transformants was significantly decreased because of the strong dissolution. d The maximum number of transformants can be achieved with the 10% EB concentration, and decreased significantly at the other concentrations

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