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Table 1 Overview of the investigated technical plants

From: Arsenic metabolism in technical biogas plants: possible consequences for resident microbiota and downstream units

Plant #TypeSubstrateArchaeal clusterBacterial cluster
1 (agricultural biogas plant)aFermenter—post digesterA B CA2B2
2 (agricultural biogas plant)Single stage fermenterA B C EA1B1
3 (agricultural biogas plant)Fermenter—post digesterA DA2B2
4 (agricultural biogas plant)Box digesterA CA2None
5 (agricultural biogas plant)Fermenterpost digesterA EA3B2
6 (agricultural biogas plant)Single stage fermenterA BA1/A3B1
7 (agricultural biogas plant)Fermenterpost digesterA C EA3B2
8 (agricultural biogas plant)Fermenter—post digesterA B EA1B2
9 (agricultural biogas plant)Single stage fermenterB FA1/A2B1
10 (agricultural biogas plant)Fermenter—post digesterA BA2B2
11 (agricultural biogas plant)Fermenter—post digesterA BA3None
12 (agricultural biogas plant)Fermenter—post digesterA C EA3B2
13 (agricultural biogas plant)Fermenter—post digesterB C DA3B2
14 (sewage sludge digester)aSingle stage digesterGNoneNone
15 (sewage sludge digester)Single stage digesterGNoneNone
  1. With: A—energy crops, B—liquid manure, C—solid manure, D—landscaping materials, E—grains, F–fruit peelings, G—sewage sludge
  2. Italic print: plants selected for analysis of As species in the liquid and gaseous phase
  3. aPlants selected as basis for the satellites