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Table 3 Photosynthetic parameters of S. williamsii Hance leaves on the 6th day after the recovery of water supply

From: Effect of the inoculation of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria on the photosynthetic characteristics of Sambucus williamsii Hance container seedlings under drought stress

Treatments Pn (μmol m−2 s−1) Gs (mmol m−2 s−1) Ci (μmol mol−1) [Chl(a + b)] (mg g−1)
Well-watered 9.84a (0.36b)ac 0.391 (0.017)a 212.31 (10.17)b 5.44 (0.31)a
Water-stressed + no PGPR 8.44 (0.27)a 0.344 (0.020)b 226.06 (8.59)a 4.09 (0.22)b
Water-stressed + PGPR 9.27 (0.44)ab 0.376 (0.014)a 199.34 (11.03)c 4.37 (0.14)a
  1. aData are the means of three repeating groups (twelve seedlings for each repeat group)
  2. bNumbers are standard deviations
  3. cDifferent letters indicate significant differences among treatments at P < 0.05 by LSD