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Fig. 3

From: Multiple integration of the gene ganA into the Bacillus subtilis chromosome for enhanced β-galactosidase production using the CRISPR/Cas9 system

Fig. 3

GanA ß-galactosidase activity in cleared crude extracts from B. subtilis containing none (REG19), 1 copy (JA-Bs34), 2 copies (JA-Bs35), 3 copies (JA-Bs36), 4 copies (JA-Bs37) and 5 copies (JA-Bs40) of the Pgut-ganA cassette. The cells were grown in LB with either 0.5% glucitol (+) or 0.5% glucose (−) and after 16 h crude cell extract was prepared for determining β-galactosidase activity and protein concentration. The values are the mean of three different experiments

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