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Table 2 Calibration coefficients, rates and parameters in the facultative pond model

From: Developing a system dynamics model for prediction of phosphorus in facultative stabilization ponds

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Volume v 80,000 m3
Single degree growth rate of algae kg 0.35 d−1
Hydrolysis rate Kh d−1
Hydrolysis rate in 20° Kh, 20 0.97 d−1
Kh temperature correction factor Kh, Teta 1.06
Decline caused by respiration Krc 0.072 d−1
Decline caused by herbivorous zooplanktons in 20° Krh, 20 1.8 d−1
Krh temperature correction factor Krh, Teta 1.08
Ratio of phosphorus to chlorophyll Apa 0.15 mgPmgChLa−1
Ratio of phosphorus to carbon Apc 0.8–0.22
Decline caused by the combined effect of respiration and excretion Kra 0.05–0.9 d−1