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Table 1 Parameters, symbols and units used in the model

From: Developing a system dynamics model for prediction of phosphorus in facultative stabilization ponds

Variable name Symbol Unit
Algae A mgChl-a/m3
Ratio of phosphorus to carbon Apc mgPgC−1
Ratio of phosphorus to chlorophyll Apa mgPchla
Solar radiation I Lyd−1
Volume V m3
Combined decline of respiration and excretion kra d−1
Half-saturation constant for precedence of ammonium kam d−1
Decline rate Kd−1 d−1
Ammoniums’ nitrogen na mgNm−3
Nitrate nitrogen ni mgNm−3
Soluble reactive phosphorus SRP mgPm−3
Time Time d
Carbon hydrolysis rate Kh d−1
Decline caused by herbivorous zooplanktons Krh d−1
Carnivorous zooplanktons Zc mgCm−3
Herbivorous zooplankton Zh mgCm−3
Soluble reactive phosphorus Ps mgPm−3
Soluble inorganic carbon Cd gCm−3