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Table 2 Qualitative detection and antimicrobial activity of Berberis aristata root bark

From: Scientific validation of the antimicrobial and antiproliferative potential of Berberis aristata DC root bark, its phytoconstituents and their biosafety

Phytoconstituents Detected group Stock solution (mg/mL) Antimicrobial activity
Alkaloids   21.33 ++e
Mayer’s reagent test +   
Hager’s reagent test +   
Wagner reagent test +   
Flavonoids   68.33 +++c
Shinoda test (magnesium turnings) +b   
Zinc-hydrochloride reduction test +   
Lead acetate test +   
Ferric chloride reagent test a   
Saponins   NA NA
Froth test   
Tannins   73.5 f
Ferric chloride reagent test   
Lead acetate test +   
Cardiac glycosides   NA NA
Keller–Killiani test   
Triterpenes (Salkowski’s test) + 10 +d
Diterpenes (Copper acetate test) + 87.42 +++c
Anthranol glycosides   ND ND
Borntrager’s test +   
Phytosterols   NA NA
Libermann Burchard’s test   
Salkowski’s test   
Coumarins + ND ND
  1. NA, not applicable; ND, not done
  2. aAbsent
  3. bPresent
  4. cMost active
  5. dLeast active
  6. eActive
  7. fNot active