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Fig. 3

From: Plasticity of the HEK-293 cells, related to the culture media, as platform to produce a subunit vaccine against classical swine fever virus

Fig. 3

Analysis of the E2-CD154.1 and E2-CD154.2 proteins obtained in the experimental production processes in a 10 L fermenter a SDS-PAGE 10% under reducing conditions, b Western blotting using MAb2.3HRP monoclonal antibody 1:5000. MWM: Molecular weight marker; C+: Positive control of E2-CD154 (Suárez et al. 2017); 1 and 2: 10 µL of the batch 1 and batch 2 supernatants respectively applied directly. 3 and 4: 1 mL of the batch 1 and batch 2 supernatants respectively concentrated by precipitation. The black arrows indicate the probable E2-CD154 monomer and the red arrows pointed the putative E2-CD154 dimers and aggregates with high molecular weight

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