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Table 2 Morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics of Streptomyces sp. MR14

From: Biocontrol and plant growth promoting potential of phylogenetically new Streptomyces sp. MR14 of rhizospheric origin

Characteristic MR14
Spore mass Cream
Spore chain Recti-flexibilis
Spores shape Cylindrical
Substrate mycelium Creamish yellow
Aerial mycelium Cream
Diffusible pigment
Sugar pattern No characteristic sugar
Diaminopimelic acid ll-DAP
Production of melanoid pigment on
 Peptone yeast extract agar (ISP-7) medium + (Brown)
Biochemical characteristics
 Amylase +
 Protease +
 Lipase +
 Urease +
 H2S production
 Nitrate reduction
 Catalase +
 Oxidase +
 VP +
 Citrate utilization
 Indole production +
 Tolerance to NaCl 5%
 Growth temperature 30 °C (20 to 35 °C)
Utilization of sugar
 Maltose +
 d-Glucose +
 Sucrose +
 Lactose +
 Inositol +
 Starch ++
 Glycerol ++
 Rhamnose +
 Raffinose +