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Table 2 The novel putative xylanase sequences discovered in the annotation of the metagenomic sequence dataset

From: Cloning of novel bacterial xylanases from lignocellulose-enriched compost metagenomic libraries

Library Sequence GenBank ID Domain organization of xylanase
FOS-37 °C-CEL XYL1 MF171170 [GH11]-[CBM60]
XYL3 MF171171 [GH11]-[CBM60]
XYL7 MF171172 [GH11]-[CBM60]
XYL11 MF171173 [GH11]-[CBM60]
XYL12 MF171174 [GH11]-[CBM60]
 A MF171176 [GH30]
 B MF171175 [GH11]-[CBM64]
XYL18 MF171177 [GH10]
XYL19 MF171178 [GH11]-[CBM60]
XYL21 MF171179 [GH10]-[FN3]-[FN3]-[CBM2]
FOS-50 °C-CEL XYL25 MF171180 [GH11]-[CBM2]
XYL32 MF171181 [GH8]
XYL35 MF171182 [GH11]
XYL38 MF171183 [GH10]
PLA-50 °C-CEL XYL40 MF171184 [GH11]-[CBM60]
Unassigned sequence Contig. 56 MF171165 [GH11]-[CBM60]
Contig. 74 MF171166 [CADG]-[GH10]-[CBM6]-[CBM22]-[CBM22]
Contig. 228 MF171167 [GH10]-[CBM2] (partial)
Contig. 1219 MF171168 [GH11]-[CBM60]
Contig. 1238 MF171169 [GH11]
  1. Xylanase domain structure is indicated using the abbreviations of families of glycosyl hydrolases (GH) and carbohydrate-binding modules (CBMs) in brackets. The genes selected for subcloning and further study are indicated in italics
  2. [CADG] cadherin-like domain