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Table 5 Effects of different additive treatments on the in vitro degradation rate (g kg−1 DM) of DM, NDF, and ADF in whole crop maize silage after 30 days fermentation

From: Effects of Piromyces sp. CN6 CGMCC 14449 on fermentation quality, nutrient composition and the in vitro degradation rate of whole crop maize silage

  1. IVDMD: In vitro dry matter digestibility; IVNDFD: in vitro neutral detergent fibre digestibility; IVADFD: in vitro acid detergent fibre digestibility; SEM: standard error of means; CK: control; FU: fungus addition; EN: compound enzyme addition
  2. *Mean values with different superscript letter within the row differ significantly (P < 0.05)