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Table 3 Effects of different additive treatments on the fermentation quality (g kg−1 DM, unless stated otherwise) of whole crop maize silage after 30 days fermentation

From: Effects of Piromyces sp. CN6 CGMCC 14449 on fermentation quality, nutrient composition and the in vitro degradation rate of whole crop maize silage

Lactic acid57.6b75.0a80.5a3.70.016
Acetic acid16.7a12.9b14.0b0.70.033
Butyric acidNDNDND
Lactic acid/acetic acid (%)3.41b5.94a5.90a0.410.005
NH3-N/total nitrogen (%)7.35a5.96b5.88b2.510.012
  1. CK: control; FU: fungus addition; EN: compound enzyme addition; SEM: standard error of means; ND: not detected
  2. *Mean values with different superscript letter within the row differ significantly (P < 0.05)