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Table 1 The nutrient composition (g kg−1 DM, unless stated otherwise) of whole crop maize

From: Effects of Piromyces sp. CN6 CGMCC 14449 on fermentation quality, nutrient composition and the in vitro degradation rate of whole crop maize silage

(g kg−1 FM)
Whole crop maize343.4 ± 15.570.2 ± 1.227.5 ± 6.982.4 ± 4.5563.8 ± 13.6310.3 ± 8.7
  1. FM: Fresh weight; DM: dry matter; CP: crude protein; EE: ether extract; WSC: water soluble carbohydrate; NDF: neutral detergent fibre; ADF: acid detergent fibre