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Table 1 Bacterial strains used in this study

From: Optimization of an efficient solid-phase enrichment medium for Salmonella detection using response surface methodology

Bacterial strains Source
Standard strains
 Salmonella paratyphoid A CMCC 50093 CMCC
 Salmonella enteritidis ATCC 13076 ATCC
 Salmonella typhi ATCC 19430 ATCC
 Salmonella senftenberg CMCC 50105 CMCC
 Salmonella typhimurium ATCC 14028 ATCC
 Salmonella infanti ATCC 51741 ATCC
 Salmonella manhattan CMCC 50152 CMCC
 Salmonella aberdeen CMCC 50147 CMCC
 Salmonella muenster CCAM 090010 CCAM
Local strains
 Salmonella typhi
 Salmonella agona
 Salmonella derby
 Salmonella anatum
 Salmonella enteritidis
 Salmonella sinstorf
 Salmonella butantan
 Salmonella aberdeen
 Salmonella braenderup
 Salmonella london
 Salmonella risen
 Salmonella isangi
 Salmonella muenster
 Salmonella potsdam
 Salmonella kentucky
 Salmonella meleagridis
 Salmonella cremieu
 Salmonella saintpaul
 Salmonella kottbus
 Salmonella typhimurium
 Salmonella manhattan
 Salmonella papuana
 Salmonella singapore
 Salmonella mikawasima
 Salmonella newport
 Salmonella thompson
 Salmonella duboin
 Salmonella brijbhumi
 Salmonella gallinarum-pullorum
 Salmonella pakistan
 Salmonella blockley
 Salmonella senftenberg
 Salmonella schwarzengrund
 Salmonella mbandaka
 Salmonella stanley
 Salmonella eppendorf
 Salmonella sandiego
 Salmonella newlands
 Salmonella paratyhi A
 Salmonella paratyhi B
All local strains were from the Wuhan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Non-Salmonella strain
 Escherichia coli (E. coli) ATCC 25922 ATCC
  1. ATCC American Type Culture Collection, CMCC National Center for Medical Culture Collections, CCAM Collection Center of Agricultural Microbiology