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Table 2 Summary of the main properties of the bacteria studied

From: Comparison of five bacterial strains producing siderophores with ability to chelate iron under alkaline conditions

Bacteria Average complexation capacity at pH 9.0 (µmol L−1) Siderophore typea Growth and handlingb
Azotobacter vinelandii 188 C+H +++
Bacillus megaterium 280 H +++
Bacillus subtilis 225 C +
Pantoea allii Weak H +
Rhizobium radiobacter Weak C +
  1. aSiderophore type: C = catecholate; H = hydroxamate
  2. bGrowth and handling: it was considered the growth rate of the bacteria, culture media composition and easiness of the bacterial removal by centrifugation/filtration