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Fig. 1

From: Understanding xylose isomerase from Burkholderia cenocepacia: insights into structure and functionality for ethanol production

Fig. 1

Purification and oligomerization behavior of a recombinant XylA from B. cenocepacia. a Size exclusion chromatogram obtained from Superdex 200 revealed a major peak. b Two major bands are observed on SDS-PAGE after size exclusion chromatography, revealing molecular sizes consistent with the monomer (ca. 54 kDa) and dimer (ca. 108 kDa) of His6XylA fusion. c Native 4–20% gradient PAGE gel shows a single protein band of ca. 216 kDa, when all His6XylA-containing fractions were pooled in a single sample. mAu, milli absorbance unit. *XylA containing fraction

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