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Table 2 Statistical analysis corresponding to the factorial design performed

From: Impact of the fermentation parameters pH and temperature on stress resilience of Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938

Dependent variable: survival rate (%) R-squared: 0.977
Method: least squares Adj. R-squared: 0.972
Number of observations: 12 F-statistic: 209.9
Degrees of freedom residuals: 10 Probability (F-statistic): 6.82 × 10−9
Degrees of freedom: 2  
Coefficient for Temperature: − 0.534 Probability: 0.338
Coefficient for pH: 14.305 Probability: 0.001
  1. A Python script was written for the analysis. Survival rate was the dependent variable, and pH and temperature the independent factors. The surface was fitted to a plane with intercept 0