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Table 1 The table below gives an overview of the enzymes used in this study

From: In vitro reconstitution and characterisation of the oxidative d-xylose pathway for production of organic acids and alcohols

Enzyme NCBI or Uniprot identifier Function EC number Microbial origin Purification tag included Expression host (used in this work)
Cc XylB GI: 614102613 Dehydrogenase Caulobacter crescentus Strep-II + TEV_N S. cerevisiae
Cc XylC CC_0820
GI: 16125073
Lactonase C. crescentus No tag E. coli
Cc XylD GI: 1043567249 Dehydratase C. crescentus Strep-II_N E. coli
Ec YagE b0268
GI: 357529065
Aldolase E. coli Strep-II_N E. coli
Ec AldA b1415
GI: 113602
Oxidoreductase E. coli His6-tag_N E. coli
Ab AraE GI: 40339944 Oxidoreductase
Azospirillum brasieliense His6-tag_N E. coli
Ab α-KGSA DH GI: 81613403 Dehydrogenase Acinetobacter baylyii ADP1 His6-tag_N E. coli
Ec YqhD b3011
GI: 301015215
Oxidoreductase 1.1.1.- E. coli His6-tag_N E. coli
LDH Commercial Dehydrogenase Rabbit muscle
Ec FucO b2799
GI: 357528800
Oxidoreductase E. coli His6-tag_C E. coli
Hm XylD dgoA4, GI: 55230170 Dehydratase Haloarcula marismortui Strep-II_N E. coli
Hv XylD GI: 292493977 Dehydratase Haloferax volcanii Strep-II_N E. coli
Se GluDHT GI: 667467043 Dehydratase 4.2.1.- Salmonella enterocolica Strep-II_N E. coli
Rx MR/MLE GI: 123368307 Dehydratase 4.2.1.- Rubrobacter xylanophilus His6-tag_C E. coli
Pa GalDHT UniProt: D4GJ14 Dehydratase 4.2.1.- Pantoea ananatis His6-tag_N E. coli
  1. The NCBI/Uniprot identifier, function, EC number, microbial origin, purification tag and expression host are specified