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Table 1 Theoretical stoichiometry of glucose oxidation in the HPAM and PAM microbial cultures

From: High temperature utilization of PAM and HPAM by microbial communities enriched from oilfield produced water and activated sludge

\({\text{C}}_{ 6} {\text{H}}_{ 1 2} {\text{O}}_{ 6} + 5.685{\text{O}}_{ 2} + 0.06{\text{NH}}_{3} \to 0.3{\text{CH}}_{1.8} {\text{O}}_{0.5} {\text{N}}_{0.2} + 5.7{\text{CO}}_{2} + 5.84{\text{H}}_{2} {\text{O}}^{\text{a}}\)
Culture volume (mL) Glucose added (μmol) Theoretical CO2 expected (μmol)
50 139 792
  1. aBiomass empirical formula was taken from Shuler and Kargi (2008). Stoichiometric calculation for biomass utilization was based on the study by Edwards and Grbić-Galić (1994)