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Table 1 Different solid substrates used and their liquid absorption capacity (ml) of impregnating solution

From: Rhamnolipid production by a gamma ray-induced Pseudomonas aeruginosa mutant under solid state fermentation

Solid substrate (mixtures contain 50% of each substrate by mass) Liquid absorption capacity (ml) of impregnating solution per 10 g of solid substrate
Sugarcane bagasse 25
Corn bran 17
Sunflower seed meal 15
Soybean meal 15
Wheat bran 15
Rice straw 20
Sugarcane bagasse + corn bran 20
Sugarcane bagasse + sunflower seed meal 20
Sugarcane bagasse + soybean meal 20
Sugarcane bagasse + wheat bran 20
Sugarcane bagasse + rice straw 20
Sunflower seed meal + corn bran 20