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Table 1 Physico-chemical properties of solvents used in the two-phase aqueous-organic system

From: Effects of limonene, n-decane and n-decanol on growth and membrane fatty acid composition of the microalga Botryococcus braunii

Solvents Molar mass (g/mol) Maximum water solubility (mM) Log \(\text {P}_{O{-}W}\)a Log \(\log {\text{P}}_{{M{{-}}W}}\)b,c MMCd \(\text {[M]/[M}{_{dec}}]\) e
Decane 142.29 0.000366 5.01f 4.22 6 1
Limonene 136.23 0.101299 4.23g 3.46 294 \(\approx\) 49
n-decanol 158.28 0.230000 3.97h 3.21 374 \(\approx\) 62
  1. \({\text{Log}\, \text {P}_{M{-}W}}\) and \(\text {[M]/[M}{_{dec}}\)] were included as references
  2. a Logarithm of octanol-water partition coefficient
  3. b Logarithm of water-membrane partition coefficient
  4. c Calculated according to Sikkema et al. (1994)
  5. d MMC: maximum membrane concentration of solvent. Calculated according to Neumann et al. (2005b)
  6. e Solvent concentration in membrane (M) divided by n-decane concentration in membrane (\(\text {M}_{dec}\))
  7. f Data from Mojaat et al. (2008)
  8. g Data from Filipsson et al. (1998)
  9. h Data from Frenz et al. (1989b)