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Table 1 Phytopathogenic fungi used in antifungal activity test

From: Antifungal activity of recombinant thanatin in comparison with two plant extracts and a chemical mixture to control fungal plant pathogens

Name Strain number Isolated host Disease
Geotrichum candidum IBRC-M 30010a Potato Potato rot in storage
Botrytis cinerea IBRC-M 30162a Banana Grey mold rot
Rhizoctonia solani IRAN 2957Cb Potato Stem canker
Alternaria tenuissima Local isolate Tomato Early blight
Gibberella fujikuroi NBRC 9976c Rice Bakanae disease
  1. aIranian Biological Resources Center
  2. bIranian Fungal Culture Collection
  3. cNITE Biological Resource Center