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Table 2 Expression and activity analysis between mcSP-MCAP and α-MF-MCAP

From: Identification and characterization of N-glycosylation site on a Mucor circinelloides aspartic protease expressed in Pichia pastoris: effect on secretion, activity and thermo-stability

Strain Signal peptide Crude extract (mg L−1) Milk clotting (units mL−1)
X-33/Wild-type 0 0
X-33/MCAP3 α-MF + mcSP 0 0
X-33/MCAP-5 α-MF 110 249
X-33/MCAP-3 mcSP 200 410
SMD1168/MCAP-3 mcSP 200 415
  1. Date are given as average, n = 3