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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: Development of a high throughput yeast-based screening assay for human carbonic anhydrase isozyme II inhibitors

Plasmid Description Reference
pAG414GAL (C Flag hCAII) AmpR, TRP1, CEN, hCAII_Flag Panthan (2011)
pRS414 Amp R , URA3, CEN Addgene, USA
pGAL1.1_hCAII AmpR, URA3, CEN, PGAL1.1, hCAII_Flag This study
pGAL1.2_hCAII AmpR, URA3, CEN, PGAL1.2, hCAII_Flag This study
pGAL1.3_hCAII AmpR, URA3, CEN, PGAL1.3, hCAII_Flag This study
pGAL1.4_hCAII AmpR, URA3, CEN, PGAL1.4, hCAII_Flag This study
pUG72 AmpR, loxP-URA3-loxP Euroscarf, Germany