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Table 2 Basic information of the gene catalog

From: Changes in feeding habits promoted the differentiation of the composition and function of gut microbiotas between domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) and gray wolves (Canis lupus)

Basic information  
ORFs NO. 307,207
Integrity:enda 56,321 (18.33%)
Integrity:start 67,985 (22.13%)
Integrity:allb 159,718(51.99%)
Integrity:none 23,183 (7.55%)
Total Len. (Mbp)c 218.5
Average Len. (bp)d 711.26
GC percente 42.29
  1. aGenes that only contain termination/initiation codons
  2. bGenes that contain none/all codons
  3. cOverall length of genes
  4. dAverage length of genes
  5. eEstimate of the total GC content of genes