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Table 3 Chirality of PGA from transformants

From: Poly-l-gamma-glutamic acid production by recombinant Bacillus subtilis without pgsA gene

Strain Mediuma OD600 Mw/103 Prod (g/L) d/l-ratio
P_BC/Δ3 l-Glu 29.6 2000 35.3 4/96
P_BC/Δ3 d-Glu 17.5 600 3.1 4/96
P_Bam-BC/Δ3 l-Glu 37.9 1100 2.5 4/96
P_Bli-BC/Δ3 l-Glu 36.4 2800 1.4 2/98
P_Obi-BC/Δ3 l-Glu 39.0 1900 0.7b 11/89
  1. aMedium; l-Glu was used 2xL/Mal+E8 (which contained 0.43M l-glutamic acid) and d-Glu was used 2xL/Mal, containing 0.43M d-glutamic acid and adjusted to the same pH as 2xL/Mal+E8 with NaOH. Data are presented as means of five independent experiments
  2. bPGA production of P_Obi-BC/Δ3 strains is representative of three-fifth or two-fifth of positive transformants (it seems to be unstable)