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Table 2 General features of Bacillus sp. GFP-2 and MIGS mandatory information

From: Isolation and characterization of Bacillus sp. GFP-2, a novel Bacillus strain with antimicrobial activities, from Whitespotted bamboo shark intestine

Items Descriptions
General features
 Classification Domain Bacteria
Phylum Firmicutes
Class Firmibacteria
Order Bacillales
Family Bacillaceae
Genus Bacillus
 Gram strain Positive
 Cell shape Rod
 Color of colonies White
 Temperature 10–40 °C
 Optimal NaCl concentration 1%
 Optimal pH 7.0
 Observed biotic relationship Free-living
MIGS data
 Investigation type Bacteria_archaea
 Project name Genome sequence of Bacillus sp. GFP-2
 Latitude and longitude Not reported
 Depth Not reported
 Geographical location Not reported
 Collection date Not reported
 Environment (biome) Shark intestine
 Number of replicons 1
 Estimated size 3,975,220 bp
 Source material identifiers GFP-2 = CGMCC 13337
 Trophic level Chemoorganotroph
 Relationship to oxygen Aerobic
 Library reads sequenced The large smrtbell gdna protocol (Pacific Biosciences, USA)
 Sequencing method A pacbio RS II platform
Assembly data
 Assembly method De novo assembled using the PacBio hierarchical genome assembly process (HGAP)/Quiver software
 Estimated error rate 99.99% (average reference consensus)
 Method of calculation Estimation from HGAP Assembly quality scores
 Assembly name HGAP Assembly version 2 (Pacific Biosciences, USA)