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Table 3 Identification of catebolic genes contained in species isolated form consortium CY-1

From: Salinity effect on the metabolic pathway and microbial function in phenanthrene degradation by a halophilic consortium

Strain Isolation plate Closest strains in Genbank (accession number) Identity (%) Calabolic genes encoding
RHD C12O C23O G12O P34O
N1 3%SSDM-P Marinobacter sp. JXH-283 (KR012272) 97    
N2 3%SSDM-P Marinobacter sp. CL9 (HM854280) 98    
N3 3%SSDM-P Marinobacter sp. Xmb040 (HM854281) 99     
N4 3%SSDM-P Marinobacter sp. JXH-283 (KR012272) 99    
N5 3%SSDM-P Martelella sp. PETBA03 (JQ658408) 99   
LB1 3%SSDM-Y Halomonas sp. NIMMe9 (LC140966) 99     
LB2 3%SSDM-Y Halomonas sp. USC33 (HQ441223) 99     
G29 3%SSDM-G Halomonas sp. NIMMe9 (LC140966) 99   
G31 3%SSDM-G Halomonas sp. USC33 (HQ441223) 99    
G34 3%SSDM-G Halomonas sp. USC33 (HQ441223) 100     
LB15 3%SSDM-Y Marispirillum sp. B142 (NR_044545) 97      
LB10 3%SSDM-Y Chromohalobacter sp. L21-PYE-C7 (KJ187998) 99     
LB16 3%SSDM-Y Chromohalobacter sp. JC125 (HE662816) 99     
G41 3%SSDM-G Thalassospira sp. SW-3-3 (JX119044) 99     
G42 3%SSDM-G Thalassospira sp. MCCC 1A02767 (EU440828) 99     
LB19 3%SSDM-Y Alcanivorax sp. 2PR54-12 (EU440953) 99     
LB20 3%SSDM-Y Alcanivorax sp. NT N57 (AB166992) 99     
N10 3%SSDM-P Alcanivorax sp. 2PR54-12 (EU440953) 100