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Table 5 Analysis of variance (ANOVA) for response surface quadratic models for spore production based on DPA florescence detection by metal ion-optimized RSM and sequential raw material-optimized RSM in submerged fermentation

From: Rapid optimization of spore production from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in submerged cultures based on dipicolinic acid fluorimetry assay

Term Metal ion-optimized RSM Raw material-optimized RSM
P > F < 0.0001 0.0059
R2 0.9400 0.9328
Adj. R2 0.8701 0.8656
Root mean square error 3.7142 27.281
Mean 282.3 715.0
Response surface solution Maximum Maximum
  1. The value of “P > F” less than 0.05 indicates the model terms are significant