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Fig. 7

From: Feasibility and transcriptomic analysis of betalain production by biomembrane surface fermentation of Penicillium novae-zelandiae

Fig. 7

Validation of DEGs identified in RNA squencing analysis. a DDC; b COMT; c TYR; d PFK; e GOT1 and f galM. The RT-qPCR data represent the mean ± standard error of three biological replicates. Different lower case letter (a, b, and c) indicates the significant difference among Ck1, T1, Ck2 and T2 at P < 0.05. The reads per million reads (RPKM) determined using RNA squencing is shown in the block above each genes. Relative transcript levels are calculated by RT-qPCR with β-tubulin as the standard

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