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Table 1 Characterization of study strains

From: Inhibitory effect of streptococci on the growth of M. catarrhalis strains and the diversity of putative bacteriocin-like gene loci in the genomes of S. pneumoniae and its relatives

Strain ID (VKMa ID) Species Providerb/isolation year Isolate source/patient age Identification
OPT test (CO2 atm.) Bile solubility Latex agglutination test (“Slidex® pneumo-kit”) Serotyped Sequence type (MLST)
(VKM B-3128)
S. pneumoniae EMSUMD/2008 Cerebrospinal fluid/adu pos. pos. pos. 23F ST 81
(VKM B-3127)
S. pneumoniae EMSUMD/2008 Blood/n.d. pos. pos. pos. 22 F/A ST 1470
(VKM B-3125)
S. pneumoniae SCCH/2013 Nasopharynx/ped neg. neg. neg. NTb ST 2996
(VKM B-3126)
S. pneumoniae SCCH/2013 Nasopharynx/ped pos. neg. neg. NT ST 2996
(VKM B-3123)
S. pseudopneumoniae SCCH/2013 Nasopharynx/ped neg.c neg. neg.
(VKM B-3124)
S. pseudopneumoniae SCCH/2013 Nasopharynx/ped neg.c neg. neg.
(VKM B-3130)
S. mitis NACPP/2009 Nasopharynx/adu neg. neg. neg.
(VKM B-3131)
S. mitis NACPP/2009 Nasopharynx/ped neg. neg. neg.
(VKM B-3129)
S. mitis NACPP/2009 Nasopharynx/adu neg. neg. neg.
  1. pos. positive, neg. negative, n.d. no data, adu adult, ped pediatric, NT non-typeable
  2. aVKM is all-Russian collection of microorganisms ( in which all strains under study are deposited
  3. bEMSUMD—A.I. Evdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Moscow, Russia; SCCH—Federal State Budgetary Inst. “Scientific Center of Children Health” of RAMS, Moscow, Russia; NACPP—National Agency for Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Moscow, Russia
  4. cSome zones of inhibition (less than 14 mm) near OPT discs were observed for these strains under culturing in CO2 atmosphere, in contrast to culturing in air, where zones of inhibition were 18–20 mm and more
  5. dSerotypes of pneumococcal strains were determined by inspection of the nucleotide sequences of genes coding the fragments of capsules, in accordance with the CDC recommendation ( (see “Materials and methods”)