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Table 1 Primers used in this method

From: Linear and exponential TAIL-PCR: a method for efficient and quick amplification of flanking sequences adjacent to Tn5 transposon insertion sites

Primer name Sequence Tm (°C) Description
F389 5′-TCAAGCATTTTATCCGTACTCCTG-3′ 55.39 Designed by our lab
F536 5′-CGGTTGCATTCGATTCCTGTTTGTA-3′ 58.73 Designed by our lab
F772 5′-TAGGTTGTATTGATGTTGGACGAG-3′ 55.09 Designed by our lab
LAD1 5′-ACGATGGACTCCAGAG(G/C/A)N(G/C/A)NNNGGAA-3′   (Liu and Chen 2007)
LAD3 5′-ACGATGGACTCCAGAG(T/A/C)N(A/G/C)NNNCCAC-3′   (Liu and Chen 2007)
AC1 5′-ACGATGGACTCCAGAG-3′ 49.15 (Liu and Chen 2007)