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Table 2 Morphological and biochemical characteristics of isolate AMIC1

From: Assessment of heavy metal tolerance and biosorptive potential of Klebsiella variicola isolated from industrial effluents

Test name Test results
Morphological tests
 Cell morphology Rod
 Gram’s reaction G−ve
 Motility Non-motile
 Flagella Absent
Colony characteristics on selective and differential media
 Nutrient agar White to cream colour colonies
 MacConkey’s agar Pink color colonies
 Eosin methylene blue agar Large mucoid colonies, no metallic sheen
 Salmonella Shigella agar Slight growth, light pink color colonies
 TSI agar slant Yellow colour on butt and slant
Biochemical tests
 Catalase +
 VP +
 MR +
 Citrate utilization +
 H2S production
Carbohydrate fermentation tests
 Arabinose +
 Glucose +
 Lactose +
 Maltose +
 Mannitol +
 Sucrose +
  1. Plus Positive, Minus Negative