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Table 2 Probes and hybridization conditions for FISH

From: Comparison of the bacterial community composition in the granular and the suspended phase of sequencing batch reactors

Probe Target organism FA (%) References
BDE525 Genus Bdellovibrio 35 Mahmoud et al. (2007)
CFB563 Most Flavobacteria 20 Weller et al. (2000)
Meg983 Meganema perideroedes 35 Thomsen et al. (2006)
Meg1028 Meganema perideroedes 45 Thomsen et al. (2006)
ZRA23a Most members of the Zoogloea lineage 35 Rosselló-Mora et al. (1995)
ZOGLO-1416 Zoogloea spp. 35 Loy et al. (2005)
  1. FA formamide concentration in the hybridization buffer