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Table 2 End-products produced by the (Piromyces + M. ruminantium) Yak-G18 co-culture grown on chopped wheat straw, corn stalk, rice straw, Chinese wildrye and medicago sativa during the 7 days’ incubation

From: Characterization of natural co-cultures of Piromyces with Methanobrevibacter ruminantium from yaks grazing on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: a microbial consortium with high potential in plant biomass degradation

End-products (Piromyces + M. ruminantium) Yak-G18 co-culture
2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days Average
Acetate (mM)
 ws 9.23d 12.36c 20.56b 23.10b 24.13d 23.36c 18.79a
 cs 15.16ab 22.24ab 29.27a 31.04a 37.07ab 39.60a 29.07ab
 rs 11.34cd 15.41bc 20.34b 24.55b 30.23c 32.01b 22.31c
 cw 16.83a 23.24a 29.94a 32.37a 38.41a 41.27a 30.34a
 ms 13.50bc 21.57b 28.61a 30.37a 33.74bc 36.94ab 27.45b
CH4 (mmol/g DM)
 ws 0.52b 0.86a 1.27a 1.44ab 2.33a 2.35a 1.46a
 cs 0.74a 0.86a 1.31a 1.55a 1.86ab 1.90b 1.37b
 rs 0.60ab 0.96a 1.16a 0.93c 1.42bc 1.62bc 1.11c
 cw 0.78a 0.89a 1.44a 1.65a 1.86ab 1.96b 1.43ab
 ms 0.61ab 0.79a 1.14a 1.20bc 1.30c 1.28c 1.05c
d-lactate (mM)
 ws 0.15a 0.19a 0.24a 0.24a 0.24a 0.23a 0.22a
 cs 0.12a 0.15a 0.16b 0.16b 0.16a 0.17ab 0.15b
 rs 0.14a 0.16a 0.19ab 0.21ab 0.21a 0.22a 0.19ab
 cw 0.12a 0.14a 0.13b 0.16b 0.16a 0.15b 0.14b
 ms 0.13a 0.16a 0.17b 0.16b 0.21a 0.21ab 0.17ab
l-lactate (mM)
 ws 3.86a 4.41a 4.98a 5.22ab 5.54a 4.86a 4.81a
 cs 3.92a 4.32ab 5.52a 5.79a 5.76a 4.89a 5.03a
 rs 3.26a 3.26b 3.50b 3.56b 3.29b 3.57a 3.40b
 cw 3.72a 4.19ab 5.42a 5.73a 5.63a 4.79a 4.91a
 ms 3.59a 3.99ab 5.19a 5.46ab 5.10ab 4.55a 4.64a
Lactate (mM)
 ws 4.02a 4.60a 5.21a 5.45ab 5.78a 5.09a 5.03a
 cs 4.04a 4.47a 5.68a 5.93a 5.93a 5.06a 5.19a
 rs 3.40a 3.42a 3.69b 3.77b 3.49b 3.80a 3.59b
 cw 3.84a 4.32a 5.55a 6.01a 5.79a 4.94a 5.05a
 ms 3.72a 4.14a 5.36a 5.62ab 5.31ab 4.76a 4.82ab
Succinate (mM)
 ws 0.02a 0.04ab 0.05a 0.05a 0.06ab 0.06ab 0.05a
 cs 0.03a 0.04ab 0.05a 0.06a 0.07a 0.08a 0.05a
 rs 0.03a 0.03b 0.04a 0.05a 0.05b 0.05b 0.04a
 cw 0.04a 0.05a 0.06a 0.06a 0.08a 0.08a 0.06a
 ms 0.03a 0.03b 0.05a 0.07a 0.08a 0.08a 0.06a
  1. Means in a row without same superscript letter differ as noted p value
  2. SEM standard error of means (n = 3), ws wheat straw, cs corn stalk, rs rice straw, cw Chinese wildrye, ms medicago sativa