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Table 1 Represents the optimized ICP parameters used for determination of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and carbon

From: Photosynthetic poly-β-hydroxybutyrate accumulation in unicellular cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6714

Exposure time 7 s
RF power 1400 W
Nebulizer gas flow 0.8 L min−1 argon
Viewing height above load-coil 11 mm
Cooling gas flow 15 L min−1 argon
Auxiliary gas flow 2 L min−1 argon
N 174.272 nm a
P 213.618 nm P 178.284 nm
S 182.034 nm S 180.731 nm
C 175.183 nm C 193.091 nm
  1. RF radio frequency
  2. aN has only one useful emission line in the spectral range investigated