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Table 3 Identified ORFs in the chromosome associated with organic acid and sugar metabolism of P. mendocina strain S5.2

From: Phenotypic and genomic survey on organic acid utilization profile of Pseudomonas mendocina strain S5.2, a vineyard soil isolate

Locus tag Annotation/predicted Role ORF Position in genome Size (bp) Orientation
Succinic acid (Succinate + ubiquinone → fumarate + ubiquinol)
DW68_012890 Succinate dehydrogenase (iron–sulfur subunit) sdhB 2,790,535–2,791,242 708
DW68_012895 Succinate dehydrogenase (flavoprotein subunit) sdhA 2,791,254–2,793,026 1773
DW68_012900 Succinate dehydrogenase (cytochrome b small subunit) sdhD 2,793,030–2,793,398 369
DW68_012905 Succinate dehydrogenase (cytochrome b560 subunit) sdhC 2,793,392–2,793,766 374
Lactic acid
DW68_005140 d-Lactate dehydrogenase dld 1,090,088–1,091,806 1719
DW68_005145 l-Lactate dehydrogenase lldD 1,091,811–1,092,950 1140
DW68_005150 l-Lactate permease lldP 1,093,035–1,094,726 1692
DW68_005155 Lactate responsive regulator lldR 1,095,022–1,095,789 768
Malic acid (malate oxaloacetate)
DW68_020815 Malate dehydrogenase sfcA 4,486,244–4,487,512 1269
Malic acid (malate → oxaloacetate)
DW68_008120 Malate:quinone oxidoreductase mqo 1,719,586–1,721,193 1608
Fumaric acid (fumarate Malate)
DW68_007085 Fumarate hydratase class I fumA 1,503,228–1,504,751 1524
DW68_014875 Fumarate hydratase class II fumC 3,205,005–3,206,399 1395
Citric acid (citrate → isocitrate)
DW68_010115 Aconitate hydratase A acnA 2,182,629–2,185,370 2742
DW68_013280 Aconitate hydratase B acnB 2,870,427–2,873,027 2601