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Table 4 Overview of investigated purification and immobilization methods for both enzymes and comparison to other works

From: Toward a cell-free hydantoinase process: screening for expression optimization and one-step purification as well as immobilization of hydantoinase and carbamoylase

  Via Enzyme Recovery (%) Purification fold References
Ni Sepharose purification Ni Sepharose beads Hyd 11.2 23.7 This study
IMAC chromatography Hyd 16.6 22.6 Xu et al. (2003)
Ni Sepharose beads Carb 67.5 50.9 This study
IMAC chromatography Carb 70.0 Chen et al. (2003)
Functionalized magnetic bead purification Functionalized magnetic beads Hyd 11.9 35.9 This study
IMAMa Hyd 3.5 6.8 Ko et al. (2011)
Functionalized magnetic beads Carb 32.5 126.6 This study
IMAC chromatography Carb 55.0 11.3 Pietzsch et al. (2000)
  1. Values for the hydantoinase and carbamoylase determined in this work (italics) compared to values reported in literature using other hydantoinases and carbamoylases (regular). Ni Sepharose purification: elution 1 + elution 2
  2. aImmobilized metal ion affinity membrane