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Table 3 Created single, double and triple variants of UdhAt to test for additive or synergistic effects

From: Thermostabilization of the uronate dehydrogenase from Agrobacterium tumefaciens by semi-rational design

Single variants Double variants, combining single variants and: Triple variants, combining single variants and:
A41P H101Y H101N A41P/H101Y A41P/H101N
H236K A41P/H236K H101Y/H236K H101N/H236K A41P/H101Y/H236K A41P/H101N/H236K
H236I A41P/H236I H101Y/H236I H101N/H236I A41P/H101Y/H236I A41P/H101N/H236I
H236R A41P/H236R H101Y/H236R H101N/H236R A41P/H101Y/H236R A41P/H101N/H236R