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Fig. 1

From: Ammonia production from amino acid-based biomass-like sources by engineered Escherichia coli

Fig. 1

Plasmids for overexpression of decarboxylase and the method for gene deletion in Escherichia coli. a Upper side plasmids for kivd overexpression. Control vector (upper left) and pTrc-His2-kivd (upper right). cadA, gadA, or ilvH gene is used instead of kivd gene in the right plasmid for the overexpression of these genes. Lower side plasmids required for gene deletion in E. coli. pKD13 (lower left) is a template plasmid for the amplification of kanamycin resistance gene. pKD46 (lower right) is a plasmid that increases homologous recombination efficiency in E. coli chromosome. b A simple gene knockout strategy by homologous recombination. P1 or P2 priming site, H1 or H2 homologous recombination site

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