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Table 1 The genetic information of the bacteria used in the present study

From: Importance of stress-response genes to the survival of airborne Escherichia coli under different levels of relative humidity

Strain name GCSC number Deleted gene Mutation function
BW25113 7636 None Not applicable
JW5437-1 11,387 rpoS Master regulator of the general stress response in E. coli. In addition, rpoS transcribes a significant fraction of genes related to sugar and polyamine metabolism in response to cellular stresses and in nucleic acid synthesis and modification (Eisenstark et al. 1996)
JW3933-3 12,039 oxyR “Oxidative stress regulator,” is the transcriptional dual regulator for the expression of antioxidant genes in response to oxidative stress, in particular, elevated levels of hydrogen peroxide (Kullik et al. 1995)
JW4024-1 10,892 soxR “Superoxide response protein,” is negatively autoregulated and controls the transcription of the regulon involved in defense against redox-cycling drugs (Demple 1996)