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Table 1 Classification and general features of Nostoc punctiforme ATCC 29133

From: Resequencing and annotation of the Nostoc punctiforme ATTC 29133 genome: facilitating biofuel and high-value chemical production

Property Term Evidence codea
Classification Domain Bacteria TAS (Woese et al. 1990)
Phylum Cyanobacteria TAS (Castenholz 2015)
Class Cyanophyceae  
Order Nostocales (Subsection IV) TAS (Rippka et al. 2015)
Family Nostocaceae (Subsection IV.I) TAS (Whitman 2015)
Genus Nostoc TAS (Herdman et al. 2015)
Species punctiforme TAS (Herdman et al. 2015)
Strain ATCC 29133/PCC 73102  
Gram stain Negative TAS (Hoiczyk and Hansel 2000)
Cell shape Filamentous TAS (Herdman et al. 2015)
Motility Motile TAS (Lehner et al. 2011)
Growth temperature 26 °C IDA
pH 7.1 IDA
Habitat Fresh water, Soil TAS (Herdman et al. 2015)
Oxygen requirement Aerobic TAS (Herdman et al. 2015)
Biotic relationship Symbiotic TAS (Herdman et al. 2015)
Pathogenicity Non-pathogen NAS
Geographic location USA/Washington  
Sample collection October 10th 2014  
Latitude 46.3119  
Longitude −119.263  
  1. aEvidence codes—IDA: Inferred from direct assay; TAS: traceable author statement (i.e., a direct report exists in the literature); NAS: non-traceable author statement (i.e., not directly observed for the living, isolated sample, but based on a generally accepted property for the species, or anecdotal evidence). Evidence codes are from the Gene Ontology project (Ashburner et al. 2000)