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Table 3 Effect of different carbon and nitrogen sources on the yield of GP-1 by strain ZX01

From: Optimization of medium compositions to improve a novel glycoprotein production by Streptomyces kanasenisi ZX01

Carbon sources The yield of GP-1 (µg/L) Nitrogen sources The yield of GP-1 (µg/L)
Soluble starch 482.36a Yeast extract 534.83a
Lactose 438.14ab Peptone 500.67ab
Sucrose 427.83bc Soy peptone 471.42b
Fructose 407.93bc Tryptone 456.71b
Glucose 366.56c Beef extract 452.75b
Maltose 363.12c Fish meal 378.58c
Glycerol 211.28d Urea 352.20c
  1. Data in the table were average of three replicates, and different letters in each column indicated significant differences at the 5% level by Duncan’s multiple comparison