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Table 2 Parasitic rate of Chi67-1 transformants of C. rosea 67-1 against sclerotia of S. sclerotiorum

From: Transformation of the endochitinase gene Chi67-1 in Clonostachys rosea 67-1 increases its biocontrol activity against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Strain 8 h (%) 16 h (%) 20 h (%)
CK 0.0b 0.0h 0.0c
Rc1-1 0.0b 76.7bcd 93.3ab
Rc2-8 0.0b 66.7cde 93.3ab
Rc2-10 0.0b 60.0def 90.0ab
Rc3-5 0.0b 59.3def 88.9ab
Rc3-7 0.0b 53.3ef 90.0ab
Rc4-4 0.0b 100.0a 100.0a
Rc4-5 0.0b 83.3abc 100.0a
Rc4-7 0.0b 86.2ab 93.3ab
Rc5-7 3.33a 50.0ef 90.0ab
Rc8-5 0.0b 30.0g 90.0ab
WT 0.0b 43.3gf 83.3b
  1. Data are means of three replicates. Values within a column followed by different letters are significantly different at P < 0.05 according to Duncan’s multiple range test
  2. WT wild type, CK distilled water