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Table 1 Rumen metagenome data assembly analysis statistics by using in house perl scripts

From: Metagenomic insights into the rumen microbial fibrolytic enzymes in Indian crossbred cattle fed finger millet straw

Parameters Number of sequences
Total number of bases uploaded 147,749,531
Total number of sequences uploaded 171,594
Mean sequence length bp uploaded 838 ± 481
Mean GC count uploaded 46 ± 10%
Artificial duplicate reads 14
Number of sequences failed QC 9310
Total number of bases post QC 125,833,189
Total number of sequences post QC 162,284
Mean sequence length post QC 775 ± 234
Mean GC count post QC 45 ± 10%
Predicted protein features 201,967
Predicted rRNA features 244
Identified protein features 97,723
Identified functional categories 58,691